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Update: New Payment Processor & Good News Re YouTube :)

This will be a quick announcement as I need to shoot off to go do stuff.

In a nutshell, people have been hounding us to add more payment processors other than PayPal. The reason for that is well, our friend PayPal, isn't available everywhere.

We've tried and tested many processors, however since we are based in South Africa, we thought it would only make sense to support local.

This way we can literally go to their offices in cases of emergency, etc.

That being said, we've introduced PayFast.

They are pretty much the largest in South Africa, so your payments are handled by Pros.

Not only do they do regular Credit and Debit cards, but you are now able to use BitCoin as well to make payments.


There are two important things to take note of.

Since the transaction will be finalized in South African Rand, we do provide the USD equivalent as well as the realtime exchange rate used.

There is a max transaction limit of $350 per deposit right now. This is to try and keep those naughty fraudsters at bay.

That's pretty much it for today.

Hopefully this helps those clients out there who do not have access to PayPal.

Oh and before I forget...

YouTube GEO, Fast and Ultra Fast will be back in the next 24 hours if all goes to plan. They will be 100% real and will NEVER drop.

More on that in the follow up email.



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New Features

  • New Payment Processor Added.