Claim Social Authority March 13th, 2018

Update: YouTube Drops / Removed by User / Other Suppliers or Ads IMPORTANT Notice


Clients are starting to mix other services with ours more and more and so I need to make this VERY clear. Should you mix ANY, and I mean ANY other service while you have an ongoing campaign with us and anything goes wrong (missing views, dropped views, deletions of videos, etc.) 

We WILL NOT take any responsibility. It's been made VERY clear in our Terms and while I have been lenient in the past, I am not going to be lenient about this going forward. The onus falls on you to inform your clients about this. NO REFUNDS. NO REFILLS. NOTHING.


Please note the following VERY IMPORTANT two points when placing orders and / or querying drops on videos.


Should you have or experienced what seemed to be drops, we require the following from you:

  • Screenshots of your Analytics from the day you placed the order until a minimum of 5 days after.

The reason for this is due to the fact that 90% of order placed have views from other suppliers on them. In most cases, those are the views that are dropping and we will NOT be held responsible for any drops as a result of someone elses views. This is final.

That said, should we investigate and find that drops are a result of our views, we will gladly refill those drops.

Videos Removed By Users

In such cases, there will be NO refunds. Period.

Whenever campaigns are loaded into the system, the onus falls on the client to ensure that the correct video has been added. Once campaigns start, it cannot be stopped mid-way as resources and money will have already been spent on running these campaigns.

Please ensure that the videos you add into the system are not going to be removed. Also ensure that you pass this onto your clients as, again, the onus falls on you, the client and we will not be held responsible for you not passing the message onto your clients.

You are able to, however, cancel orders that are still in Pending state. 

Videos deleted due to Copyright, Spam or similar reasons

Same applies as mentioned above. Once orders start, no refunds will be forthcoming.

Videos Added By Mistake

The same thing applies as mentioned above.

Please ensure that you add the correct videos in. The responsibility lies with you.