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Hey there!

I'll be quick with this one...

This is especially for those of you who need ads enabled on their videos.

We are introducing the same high-quality Absolute Retention Views, but with a slight enhancement.

Yup, now you can keep your ads enabled on these bad boys.

Developers are just making final changes and it should be available in the panel within, say 2 - 4 hours from now. Fingers crossed.

Do take note though, and this is SUPER important.

Should you wish to go down this rabbit hole, you need to know that you are doing so at your own risk.

If anything (and we're not saying it would), should go wrong, the onus falls on you. We will not take responsibility for any bans or removals of videos and/or channels. No refunds in such cases either.

This may sound harsh, however, we've been pressured by way too many people to get this up and running and with us knowing the risks involved (now you do too), we've decided to make this available.

Everything else remains the same, just with a 10c per 1000 price increase.

Some Stuff:

  • 100% Real Human YouTube Views
  • 100% Real & Unique cookies (IPs)
  • Views spread out evenly (No Spikes)
  • SEO Ranking Benefits
  • WatchPage Referrer (Twitter)
  • Desktop Views
  • Windows Operating System Views
  • Up to 50,000 - 100,000 views per day (depending on order size)
  • Random absolute retention to make things more natural (vids cannot be longer than 15min)
  • World-Wide Views
  • Minimum 3,000 views
  • Maximum 1,000,000 views
  • Views Drop guarantee
  • Confidential & Anonymous
  • Vevo Safe
  • Instant Start Available
  • Possibility of Engagement
  • Ads can be enabled

Analytics: (Nobody does this)

Average Watch-Time / Absolute Retention

Traffic Sources

Relative Retention

Playback Locations

Have fun and be careful.



Order Portal:

Claim Social Authority November 17th, 2016

New Feature: Instant Start Available For YouTube Likes

Yup, that's right. We've added Instant Start for YouTube Likes.

Simply select the "Instant Start" option when ordering, sit back and relax. Within a couple of minutes your order will be started and even completed (Fast Likes).


Order page:

New Features

  • Instant Start YouTube Fast Likes - Starts within 10 min of ordering

  • Instant Start YouTube Normal Likes - Starts within 30 min of ordering