Claim Social Authority November 13th, 2018

Update: YouTube Services Terms & Conditions

☢️ PLEASE NOTE ☢️ - Videos may occasionally lose some views but will never fall below the amount ordered. Should there have been view drops and no other service has been used other than that of Claim Social Authority, please open a ticket so that we can do the necessary refills.

Also be aware that the youtube frontend currently has a bug where the views are not always accurately reflected. If this happens for you, please try liking the video and refreshing after 30 seconds. This is unfortunately outside of our control as it's a bug directly with YouTube.




  • Some orders are started manually (will be indicated in service description) and so there may be some delay as to when orders are accepted. We are working on fixing this.
  • Views are sent staggered. in other words, we send a small amount to start with and finish off a few hours later.
  • Even though engagement is highly possible, no guarantees will be made that there will be engagement.
  • Please make sure the video is not age restricted.
  • Please ensure that your video is open to all countries.
  • There is no guarantee that you will earn money from youtube views being delivered.
  • Where we indicate a service being "real", you can bet your bottom dollar that it is. Guaranteed.

Videos Removed By Users

In such cases, there will be NO refunds. Period. 

Whenever campaigns are loaded into the system, the onus falls on the client to ensure that the correct video has been added. Once campaigns start, it cannot be stopped mid-way as resources and money will have already been spent on running these campaigns. 

Please ensure that the videos you add to the system are not going to be removed. Also ensure that you pass this onto your clients as, again, the onus falls on you, the client and we will not be held responsible for you not passing the message onto your clients.

You are able to, however, cancel orders that are still in Pending state. 

Videos deleted due to Copyright, Spam or similar reasons

Same applies as mentioned above. Once orders start, no refunds will be forthcoming.

Videos Added By Mistake

The same thing applies as mentioned above. 

Please ensure that you add the correct videos in. The responsibility lies with you.

100% Real Likes + Comments Service

These are all 100% real marketing methods and as such, they take time to set up. No instant start available on these.

Since these are 100% REAL from 100% REAL marketing efforts, there will be no drops.

Should you have purchased comments from previous suppliers and there are drops, we do not take responsibility. There is a reason why this service is premium.

Claim Social Authority October 26th, 2018

Update: WORKING | Real YouTube Likes + Comments Campaign

There has been a severe need for something that is of high quality, from real users, with real engagement and that does not drop. 

We are offering a proprietary solution to our clients in the form of a very unique combo package. 

Unlike all the current "Likes Suppliers" out there, we make every effort to provide you with the best quality possible. 

Because these are real, you are very likely to gain subscribers as well depending on your content (not guaranteed though).

You will be getting an almost equal amount of likes and comments from 100% real users to your videos. 

The comments will be relevant to your video, however since these are from real people, we have no control over what gets commented. 

The most important thing to remember is that they are real and that they are not going to be dropping. Do not be put off by the price, as it reflects the quality of these campaigns.

For this reason, we are keeping things as small as possible to protect the integrity and quality of our system.


  • ⭐ 100% Real Human YouTube Users
  • ⭐ 100% Real Likes
  • ⭐ 100% Real Comments
  • ⭐ World-Wide Users
  • ⭐ Natural Delivery Speed
  • ⭐ Minimum 30 Likes + Comments 
  • ⭐ Maximum 500 Likes + Comments
  • ⭐ No Drops
  • ⭐ Confidential & Anonymous
  • ⭐ Vevo Safe 
  • ⭐ Manual Start ONLY

Do take note that these are for serious buys ONLY

Thought I'd let you know.

All the best,

Client Panel: Click Here

Claim Social Authority October 26th, 2018

Update: PayPal Update

So, with the new User Policy from PayPal, they do not allow the selling of any SMM / Marketing services anymore. This comes after they have gone into partnership with Google, who obviously owns 90%  of the planet.

Sucks for us, but alas.

While we are not allowed to accept payment in the panel through PayPal anymore (we were limited and slapped on the wrists), we had to come up with a different solution.

Should you need to make use of PayPal, please follow the steps below:

  • Send a payment directly to
  • Open a ticket and send us your Transaction ID as well as Panel Username.
  • Do NOT add any notes when making payments. Any payments with notes will be refunded immediately.

We'll then verify the payment and credit your account accordingly.

Fairly simple process.

Should there be any issues, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

    Claim Social Authority August 2nd, 2018


    Good day to you, 

    So, I felt the need to explain something about what's been going on in this mad world we find ourselves in, called YouTube. 

    Almost on a monthly basis, YouTube has been pushing out update after update, making it harder for the smaller guy to crack YouTube.

    We get it, it's a ball ache. 

    With that being said, as always, I need to be upfront and honest about 2 things.

    1. The front YouTube Views counter
    2. All the so-called suppliers out there

    Let's start with the obvious... number 1.

    Many of you have seen and will probably start noticing that views aren't updating fulling on the front end of your videos. Leaving you perplexed at what's going on and thinking that views are dropping, but alas.

    Let me explain...

    So with YouTube's constant updates and algo changes, there is a bug in their system. The bug basically causes some views not fully to update on the front, even though views have been delivered.

    The solution to this? Easy...

    What you need to do when you see this happening, simply like your own or your client's video. Boom. Views will appear.

    Weird, we know but unfortunately that's the reality of what's happening on YouTube right now.

    This leads me on to point number 2. The bane of my existence... other "suppliers".

    Everyone has to make a living, I get that. But what grinds my nuts is the fact that people just sell crap. They scrape stuff together (mostly from us), package it up and sell it for cheaper than a late night with a ladyboy.

    90% of them are about as useful as lockjaw at a blowjob party, and it really makes me sad.

    Knowing that people are being taken for a ride. Being lied to. Being fed bullshit. Naha... not on my watch.

    As you've come to know us here at CSA, you'd know that we stand for integrity. Not a quick buck.

    We stand by what we do. We stand by what we sell. We stand by the nearly 10,000 clients (big and small) that have supported us over the years and still continue to support us to this day.

    When shit hits the fan, we stop. We re-assess. We may take a while, but we always come back stronger than before.

    What we WON'T do, is put together some rehashed, short, indescriptive description of our services, only to leave you wondering what you're ACTUALLY buying. Don't believe me? Go ahead, go find ANY other supplier and look at their product descriptions. I bet you the pants off my tush that you will leave with more questions that when you got there.

    Oh and try asking them about their services... It's a joke as the majority of them will merely tell you to "test it" only because they have no freakin clue what they are reselling. WTF.

    We're all adults here, and one thing that I will never shy away from is talking to you like you're one too. I may use the innocent swear word here and there, but at the end of the day, you buy from someone you can trust. Someone real. Someone with a personality. Someone who atually knows what they are selling. Not some faceless business or corporation that hides behind avatars and fake profiles.

    We might not sell 500 different services just because we're money hungry, but what we do sell, we sell damn well.

    That said, everything is going well as I am typing this and we have some special stuff coming up very soon. Yeah, stuff you won't be able to copy or reproduce like in the past... We know who you are :)

    I'll end off by saying thank you to all of you amazing people. Apart from the scammers. You suck.

    Have a beautiful day.



    Snazzy Panel:

    Claim Social Authority July 25th, 2018

    Update: YouTube Views Are Back

    Ola - Hi!

    So I'll keep this as quick as possible. The subject kinda gave it away in anycase. 

    YouTube Views

    Yup, they are back. Slightly more expensive due to external factors and well, YouTube not playing nice. The quality is unmatched again and they are high retention up to 65min. 

    Please make sure you read the descriptions in full before ordering so that you know what you're buying.

    The onus falls on you in this regard (respectfully). 

    Order Views Here

    Views are sending at a rate of 20k - 50k per day currently, however, we are monitoring this and making some more tweaks.

    Need anything else, do drop us a line.

    All the best!

    Update: YouTube New Views & Drop Refill IMPORTANT UPDATE

    Ola - Hi!

    I know there are a lot of you who are wondering what is going on with YouTube Views. Let me break it down very quickly below so you can rest better at night.

    YouTube Views

    We will be re-opening our YouTube Views on Monday, 4 June. Not going to say much more about that right now, however, I will say that they will be worth the wait. 

    YouTube View Drops

    You will notice that refills are paused at the moment. The reason for this is simply because we would like to use the new views to refill so as to ensure that there are no drops. 

    Please bear with us during the next few days. The wait will be worth it. 

    All the best!

    Update: UPDATE - YouTube Views Dropping - THE TRUTH REVEALED

    So there have been many different suppliers claiming that they are selling "Non-Drop" YouTube views. Here's the cold hard truth... They are blatantly lying to you. Fact.

    What they end up doing is merely sending more views to compensate for the drops which end up dropping further. By saying "our views don't drop" they are just saying that they are overdelivering to try and make up for the drops that WILL happen.

    Test it if you don't believe me.

    Now, further than that, what ends up happening is that if they refill, they only do so after 48hrs+. If that. Most cases, they don't even refill or at least not until you ask about it.

    Here's where we are different. Again.

    As you have come to know working with CSA, we like to spill the beans. Step on toes. Turn heads and set the bars higher than most can reach.

    I am not going to lie to you and tell you we sell views that won't drop. What I WILL do however is give you the truth and explain what goes on behind the scenes so that you can make an informed decision and know what you're letting yourself in for.

    Here's the low down.

    First of all, we check for drops every 1 hour. Not 12 hours. Not 24 hours. Not 48 hours. In saying that, let me explain the technicalities behind what we do. Again, nobody will tell you this or share with you these things as they, themselves, have no concept of how this works and 90% just resell, hoping for the best.

    Number 1

    Videos that have been delivered to (either NEW ORDER or REFILL) won't be checked for 12 hours. This is to prevent orders being added every hour as there're delays between sending and showing on YouTube's front counter.

    Number 2

    As long as a video isn't affected by the above, it will be checked every 1 hour to make sure the frontend is above the ordered amount. If the first check weren't in place, it'd be a nightmare.

    Just imagine adding a 1k order - it completes only to have our check script go, "hey this hasn't been checked for an hour, and the counter is below 1k. Add to refill." repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    So there you have it. In a nutshell, this is what we're dealing with at the moment.

    Oh and don't fret, you'll always get the amount of views you paid for. Don't even break a sweat over that!

    Be wary of those that claim their views don't drop. Make sure you only buy from people who actually know what the hell they are doing and most importantly, don't fall for the lies.

    To end off, YES some of our views drop, however, we actually do something about it. We are also working hard on new methods to counter and stop this nonsense once and for all.

    Have a great weekend.



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    Claim Social Authority April 20th, 2018

    Update: USA Absolute Retention YouTube Views - Videos Up To 1 Hour Long

    Why is it that most of our mailers go out just before you're about to smash the weekend in its face??

    That's rhetorical... don't answer it. We don't even know.

    I do have something good for you today though. Something that many have been begging us for. Again, nagging in most cases, gets the job done.

    So if you were one of the naggers... well done. It worked.

    With that out of the way, this is what we got for you today:

    USA Absolute Retention YouTube Views - Videos Up To 1 Hour Long

    Without boring you with all the nitty-gritty details, I am going to share just a few of, what you might call features (however we prefer the term "benefits"), to those of you who haven't a clue what I'm on about.

    Some Facts and Stuff:

    • Videos up to 1 hour
    • 100% Real Human YouTube Views
    • 100% Real & Unique cookies (IPs)
    • Views Delivered ASAP
    • SEO Ranking Benefits
    • Desktop Views
    • Windows Operating System Views
    • We Aim To Deliver All Orders As Fast As Possible (True Story)
    • Super High Retention (60%+)
    • USA Views
    • Minimum 1,000 views
    • Maximum 100,000 views
    • Auto Views Drop guarantee (checks every 12hrs)
    • Confidential & Anonymous
    • Vevo Safe 
    • Instant Start Available


    Please make sure that you read ALL the terms in the description as the onus falls on you if you do not.

    See... short and sweet :)

    Now go, go raise those feet up. Kick your shoes off and grab a cold one. You deserve it.



    Snazzy Panel:

    Claim Social Authority April 13th, 2018

    Update: FREE YouTube Video Ranking Checker - EXCLUSIVE to Claim Social Authority

    Happy Friday the 13th!

    Today is the best day of your life! Hell, every day is the best day of your life! 

    Enough Tony Robbins, rah rah for today... let's get to it!

    You're busy, we're busy so I'll keep this short. 

    As per the title, we've added a YouTube Video Ranking checker to the panel. Very simply put, this will enable you to check the rankings of your videos as the campaign runs. 

    Here's how it works:

    All you need to do is click on "Details", next to your order. From there, you click "Show More Details", which will expand.

    From there, you simply click the beautifully pink "Check Rankings" button. That's pretty much that.

    You have to wait around 2 minutes for the confirmation email though and as soon as you get that, refresh your order and BOOM... Rankings next to your tags.

    Something like this...

    * This is but a sample video for demo purposes and NOT a client video. #justsayin

    As promised... nice and short! 

    Now go smash Friday The 13th in it's face and have an awesome weekend! 



    Snazzy Panel:

    Claim Social Authority April 11th, 2018

    Update: Still The Best YouTube Dudes In the Industry + YouTube Ranking / Suggested Views Guide

    So imagine driving as much as six, seven, even 800 views per day with just one video. Pretty cool hey?

    Here's how I've done that and you can too by triggering the YouTube suggested video algorithm.

    *Now, I just have to be clear that results may vary and that although these tips cannot guarantee this, they are pretty damn powerful!

    Furthermore, no other YouTube Supplier shares gold like this. Nobody. Heck, 99% of the so-called "suppliers" are resellers who have no clue what they resell or how YouTube actually works. This is a sad reality, but a reality nonetheless.

    As you've come to know, we here at CSA do things differently. We care. We research. We test. We improve. We share and we sure as shit have your best interest at heart!

    With that out the way, let's get cracking.

    Oh and this is what real organic views look like... natural.

    The secret lies in these five words written by a Google engineer:

    "...expected watch time per impression."

    Now those five words come from a white paper that was written on the YouTube suggested video algorithm. So pay attention...

    Check this out; our final ranking objective is continually being turned based on live A/B split testing but is a simple function of expected watch time per impression.

    Now a video with 10,000 views is measured the same as a video with 100 views.

    Furthermore, the video with 10,000 views doesn't gain any advantage or boost. For example, imagine two videos that are listed in the suggested location on the video watch page.

    Both videos receive 100 impressions from YouTube each day. Now, it's important to note; an impression is just YouTube refreshing the page. When you land on a page, the page loads, and that's an impression. If nobody clicks on your video, that's still counted as an impression, and it's vital to this study.

    Now, video A, the video listed at the top of suggested videos, gets five clicks per day and has an average view duration of five minutes.

    Five views times a five-minute view duration equals 25 minutes of watch time per 100 impressions.

    Now, video B gets clicked 15 times a day, it has thus 15 views a day and has an average view duration of four minutes. Therefore, video B is the clear winner with 60 minutes expected watch time per 100 impressions.

    This is why you don't necessarily need to have a lot of views to get into suggested videos, but you do need two things.

    You need, number one, people to click on your thumbnail, your video.

    Number two, it's essential that you have high watch time metrics associated with the video you publish. These following steps will make it a reality.

    Step Number One

    Publish a watch time winner.

    You see, YouTube has gone on record and said the following, "Videos with consistently high audience retention and watch time have the potential to show up more frequently in search and suggested locations on YouTube."

    In this example, my video, has above average relative audience retention. Yet again in this example, you can see where this video has high view duration as well as high average audience retention.

    This is why so many fail. Videos don't have the required watch time metrics to get into suggested videos.

    The secret lies in that last statement. Required watch time metrics.

    A question I get often is: What is good audience retention?

    The answer is based on the videos that are already ranking or showing up in suggested locations based on the topic of the video you want to publish.

    Thus, by being strategic, by being specific on YouTube, we can identify topics that are much easier to rank for, to show up in suggested videos. Well, theoretically at least.

    It brings up to step number two.

    Step Number 2

    In step number two, we will leverage the 5/10 ritual.

    Why 5/10?

    It's all about identifying videos that are showing up in suggested and being able to drive between 5% and 10% of the views they've already accumulated within the first two weeks of your video's release.

    Let me explain.

    Let's say I'm thinking of publishing a video on Fortnite (apparently its pretty big... dunno) and I want to target "LetsPlay Fortnite". I go to YouTube and search "LetsPlay Fortnite".

    Now, because we're targeting suggested videos, the next step would be to click on either the first or the second videos that are ranking in search for "LetsPlay Fortnite". I would pay attention to the videos that are showing up in the suggested videos location, and I want to identify the video with the lowest amount of views.

    At the time of this writing, that's a video with 194,000 views. That's a shitton of views. Thus, the 5/10 ritual would require that my video drives a minimum of 9,700 views within the first two weeks of its release. That's a lot of views, but if I feel I can achieve that, I move on to the next step targeting "LetsPlay Fortnite".

    However, let's say you don't have that kind of authority, you can't drive those views, you think of another search term that would still focus around Fortnite, in this case, "port a fort gameplay", and then you go through the process again.

    In this example, the video with the least views in the suggested video location has just over 4,000 views. Thus, my video would need to drive around 400 views within the first few weeks of its release.

    This is a huge difference. 400 views in a few weeks or 9,700.

    Remember though that, if your channel is brand new and if you're struggling to drive those views, pay attention and apply this same strategy.

    I've got some additional tips for you as we move forward.

    The first step is to get ranked and searched, which we'll talk about in just a bit, and that allows you to eventually get into suggested videos, and it doesn't take a whole lot of time.

    Some awesome rankings from clients:

    It can take maybe three to five weeks. This is the path to success.

    First, you target keyword phrases repeatedly.

    Second, you rank in search.

    Third, you begin to drive views and then those views, then number four, help you get into suggested video views.

    Very powerful stuff this is!

    As you follow this blueprint, do not go back and change your metadata. Don't change your title, description or your tags.

    Give it time.

    The reason why is time and time again, I've seen after a number of weeks, a few months, my videos do get into suggested videos.

    I drive a lot more views.

    What you don't want to do is mess around with metadata. That could potentially set the clock back and hurt your ability to rank.

    Step three is video optimisation.

    This formula relies on views that you'll drive through search and so, it's important that you rank your videos. We'll leverage relevancy because it's the "easy" button on YouTube.

    Keep reading; you don't want to miss this.

    Now defined, relevance means "closely connected". And according to that Google engineer that I mentioned earlier, relevance is important on YouTube.

    In fact, you'll notice that YouTube search results are sorted by relevance.

    Relevance is the YouTube easy button.

    Leverage it by simply beginning your video title with the search term you targeted from the previous step. However, you want to structure your video titles to contain two elements.

    One is the exact keyword phrase you identified from our previous step.

    Two, a buzz-worthy phrase or an emotional trigger.


    "Symptoms of Depression | 5 SCARY Signs That You May Have Depression"

    Think about incorporating buzz words like unbelievable, secret, dirty little secrets, you won't believe, buyer beware, scary etc.

    Furthermore, you don't want to JUST incorporate these kinds of phrases in your titles. You want to make them part of the language you use in your video.

    For example, would you like to learn about losing weight or would you rather discover the missing link to losing 15 pounds in the next 30 days?

    Step number four

    Meeting the watch time winner requirements, plus a few other elements that are important too.

    First off, the topic of your video should be a channel winner. What I mean by that is you want to really test out, try different topics on your channel.

    For example, if you're a gaming channel you could publish news updates about your game, you could create "how to" videos, that's two types, and you could "livestream" or do "let's plays".

    So in essence, three different types of videos on your channel.

    You really want to focus on content, type, or style that has done well for you in the past. Very important.

    Also important, an evergreen topic. What I mean by that is one that people will be interested in in the weeks, months, in the years to come. Our goal is to publish a video that drives views for that same kind of a time span, weeks, months, and years into the future.

    Next up is view velocity.


    Now, before I get into this... we're the only real supplier who delivers Organic Dripfed Views that one would add after the initial boost to keep the momentum going.

    We do offer services to do the initial boost as well as the maintenance thereof inside the panel.


    You want to make sure you drive as many views to your new video in the first 24 hours of its release as possible.

    Share your video on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you've got a list, send out an email about your new video to your list.

    When YouTube sees more people checking out a video in the first 24 hours of its release, it's likely gonna respond by pushing that video out to more people and ranking it higher in search and suggested locations on YouTube.

    Make sure you get people to comment and REPLY TO EACH COMMENT. I see so many people not doing this. Don't think you or your channels are too big not to reply to comments. Trust me on this one!

    Next up is a longer average view duration.

    Your goal is to have the longest average view duration you can or to publish a video that is a standout hit.

    Again, longer is better.

    The reason why is, remember earlier we talked about expected watch time per impression? Obviously, when somebody clicks, and they watch for an extended period of time, that really boosts your expected watch time per impression.

    Now obviously publishing a longer video can lead to a longer view duration, but take the time to plan out and keep the viewers engaged.

    Incorporate B-roll, sound effects and some graphics.

    Really move through your script and share a lot of details. That will help keep the view duration high.

    The same thing can be said for audience retention. I've got some tips coming up on that in just a minute.

    Step five

    Best practices when it comes to end-screens, playlists, and tags.

    Let's get started with tags.

    First off, really simple, create two tags you use across all your videos.

    That'll help YouTube see that it's part of your channel, and so on.

    I just use my channel name and stuff that always identifies with me.

    That's it.

    Back in the day, this helped quite a bit with suggested video locations, but this is 2018, and the practice and the idea of just adding tags alone is not enough.

    However, those other tips I shared will make it happen.

    Okay, so playlists.

    YouTube has gone on record saying that when you create a playlist, that is an official playlist that's gonna help keep more of your videos in suggested videos.

    In other words, you'll drive more views to your videos. Very powerful, so, make sure you add your videos to an official playlist.

    If you're not using end-screens, make sure you do just that. You want to incorporate two video elements.

    One is the most recent videos.

    This will help boost views to your most recent video, and we talked about how important that is, the whole view velocity.

    The second element you want to include is best for the viewer. This will ensure that YouTube selects the video it thinks the viewer wants to watch next, and that will help keep people on your channel, extend the viewing session, et cetera.

    What's powerful when it comes to those watch time metrics is how you structure your video.

    That's pretty much that for this little guide.

    Follow the steps, do the research, reap the rewards.

    Till next time.


    PS: Lastly, I need some feedback. Would you be interested in the following:

    1. Real subs directly from your video?
    2. Full Ranking Campaign (includes optimisation, views, likes, shares, subs from views and real comments)?

    Would love to get some feedback as to whether those would "tickle your fancy" as it seems that there is quite the need for that.


    Snazzy Panel: