Claim Social Authority April 13th, 2018

Update: FREE YouTube Video Ranking Checker - EXCLUSIVE to Claim Social Authority

Happy Friday the 13th!

Today is the best day of your life! Hell, every day is the best day of your life! 

Enough Tony Robbins, rah rah for today... let's get to it!

You're busy, we're busy so I'll keep this short. 

As per the title, we've added a YouTube Video Ranking checker to the panel. Very simply put, this will enable you to check the rankings of your videos as the campaign runs. 

Here's how it works:

All you need to do is click on "Details", next to your order. From there, you click "Show More Details", which will expand.

From there, you simply click the beautifully pink "Check Rankings" button. That's pretty much that.

You have to wait around 2 minutes for the confirmation email though and as soon as you get that, refresh your order and BOOM... Rankings next to your tags.

Something like this...

* This is but a sample video for demo purposes and NOT a client video. #justsayin

As promised... nice and short! 

Now go smash Friday The 13th in it's face and have an awesome weekend! 



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