Claim Social Authority January 2nd, 2018

Update: TEMP Absolute Desktop WATCH PAGE Random High Retention YouTube Views

First of all, let me start off by saying...


Hope you had an amazing time spent with family, getting fat and shit...

Anyway, I just wanted to send this mailer to let you know we've got some Temporary (maybe even permanent) Real Absolute HR views available for you.

Some Details are in order:

  • 100% Real Human YouTube Views
  • 100% Real & Unique cookies (IPs)
  • Views spread out evenly (No Spikes)
  • SEO Ranking Benefits
  • WatchPage Referrer (Twitter)
  • Desktop Views
  • Windows Operating System Views
  • Up to 50,000 - 100,000 views per day (depending on order size)
  • Random absolute retention to make things more natural (vids cannot be longer than 15min)
  • World-Wide Views
  • Minimum 1,000 views
  • Maximum 1,000,000 views
  • Views Drop guarantee
  • Confidential & Anonymous
  • Vevo Safe
  • Instant Start Available
  • Possibility of Engagement

Analytics: (Nobody shows this)

Average Watch-Time / Absolute Retention

Traffic Sources

Relative Retention

Playback Locations

So there you have it...

Oh and these are a bit cheaper too. Which is never a bad thing.

Lastly, we'll be introducing similar views very soon, however you'll be able to run ads on your videos (at your own risk).

Awesome. Great. Cake.

Have an awesome 2018 and smash every single goal you've set for yourself!


Order Portal: