Claim Social Authority July 17th, 2017



Ok so this idiot called me out on skype now for doing this. Goes to show that Karma is a bitch.

Oh and he claims to be able to do Trending... DO NOT FALL FOR IT! He tries to resell it for $6500 when he doesn't even know if it works himself. He's not very bright it seems.

I mean look at his jacket!

Well folks, there you have it... Scumbag!

SKYPE: lankox


Dammit. I thought my day was fine after my last email, but alas.

It's like the world chose me to be scammed or stolen from only to report back to and warn the world of these bloody people.

Anyway, you probably have all received the following email:


"Dear Sirs,

Kindly note, that I am providing likes, followers, subscribers and views for all of the major social media platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter)

To most people, your number on Social Media Platforms signifies your trustworthiness and thus provides a good first impression to potential clients and first time visitors of your page. The more followers/likes/views, the better. People tend to listen or buy from those who already have established a good online reputation. According to a recent study on social ecommerce, it is said that 80% of Americans based their brand selections on popularity and reviews.

Please check price list by visiting this link: . Also note that I am willing to provide a free sample.

Best Regards,"


Erm... yeah well this idiot (details will be shared below) goes around and steals people's databases.

He then uses that to promote his own services that he resells. They are horrible by the way and have been known to get accounts banned, Adsense accounts closed, Twitter accounst have been shut down due to this dickhead and don't let me start on his Facebook and Instagram services. I wouldn't go near it if I were you.

That and the fact that he is a Hacker who does penetration testing for a living should make you back the f*ck away!

Herewith all his details:

Paul El Maaouchi -

SKYPE: lankox

"Ethical Hacker" (yeah my ass)

Al Kafaat Technique Institue - Lebanon



Frimurarvaegen 22 skaerholmen 12760 SE (Sweden)

Yeah, if you haven't realised, he's the Yellow Submarine in the image above!

Don't say I didn't warn you.