Claim Social Authority August 8th, 2017

Update: Tier 1 Views, Trending, More Geos, Custom Written Comments & MORE!

Right, so this will be longer than usual. However, I recommend you read all of it. If you want. Or not.

Anyway, there are a few things that need some attention. I'll list them, so we don't get distracted.

1. Tier 1 Views
2. More GEOs
3. Trending
4. Custom Content Relevant Comments
5. Comment Likes

Let's get cracka-lacking.

Tier 1 Views

Tier 1 views are entirely custom and 100% unique to us. The Tier 1 views package is the ONLY package of this sort available ANYWHERE on the web. We have combined the Tier 1 Countries into one incredible package.

Views will be coming from the USA, United Kingdom & Canada.

Nobody else does this, and if they do, they resell from us. Receiving a steady stream of views from only these countries is pretty sweet in our opinion.

More GEOs

We've added a few more countries to the list of GEOs. They are:



We are able to do trending now as well. I am however not making this available just yet as we still need to test a little bit. There are different requirements per country and testing this takes time and quite a lot of resources. As soon as we have things stable, you'll be the first to know.

On a side note, Trending will NOT be made available to all clients. Why you may ask?

Well, simply put... there are clients who #1 scam and #2 abuse the system. This time, stringent processes will be implemented to avoid both.

Custom Content Relevant Comments

A need has arisen where clients needed a company to write custom content relevant comments for their YouTube videos. Since nobody else offers this, we thought it good to introduce this as a new service.

Not everyone has the time, patience or inclination to write a bunch of custom comments, so leave that to us.

We will watch your video from start to finish and post 100% custom content relevant comments to your video. More engagement on your videos will ultimately boost the Authority of your videos which in turn can create more buzz as well.

Comment Likes

We're having some issues with this service and as such all Pending orders will be refunded and Comment Likes will be disabled until further notice.

That's all folks.


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