Claim Social Authority September 19th, 2017

Update: SCAMMER ALERT! Yes, he's back!!

This is just f*cking ridiculous now!

This will not be a pretty mail as I don't intend on it being one. This is to share the truth and to warn you against this motherf*cker!

Remember the Vietnamese Scammer from a few months ago? Well, he's at it again, but be warned...


He now has a website up making it seem as though he's legit, but alas.

He will buy services, then open tickets saying it is delayed or it must start. That should be your first warning signs against this idiot.

Since he's being a complete asshole, I'll be a complete asshole.

Here, for your perusal, is a list of ALL of his URLs as well as niches.


Please feel free to abuse his niches and to f*ck up his videos.

Further to that, please find a document with all the other information about this scumbag.

Beware of this excuse of a human being.

Have a nice day!