Claim Social Authority October 5th, 2017

Update: GEO & Live Stream Instant Start Available! FINALLY


Yes, we know. It has taken a bit of time, but we have the instant start ready for y'all. As the saying goes, "Good things come to those who wait". You waited, so well, the good things... aah whatever!

Anyway, along with that, you're able to get Instant Start on our amazing Live Stream views. Which is pretty much useless without Instant Start if you think about it.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves here, please remember that Instant Start is ONLY available per request. If you're unfamiliar as to why this is per request, let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Instant Start Release Note

Side Note:

We're not like other suppliers who just take your money and don't allow you to cancel orders (which is just BEYOND ridiculous to be honest). Most other suppliers don't care about you. We do. And if we f*ck up, we fix it.


Moving on.

Let me recap on some of the great things we've been doing and added in the last month. Boy, has it been exciting!

Top Class World Wide Views

All in One YouTube Packages

GEO YouTube Views (now with intant start)

YouTube Live Stream Views (also with instant start)

Lastly, not sure if you've noticed, but we've also removed a LOT of services from the panel. Why you may ask?

Look, there are a TON of suppliers out there who sell you anything from a Hotdog to a trip to the Moon for less than a buck. So we decided to let them do them. Sell a million different services without focussing on 1 particular service.

This is great for us as we stay laser focused on what we develop and deliver to you, our consumer and friend!

Thats if for today. Have a blessed weekend.



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