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Claim Social Authority December 14th, 2017

Update: Video Checker & Maintenance Update

First of all, let me start off by apologising for the delay in sending views. I realise this has been a ball-ache, but unfortunately, we had to stop sending views while maintaining the quality of our system.

We had some ratio issues and had to do some maintenance and get that sorted. That said, everything is going to plan, and traffic will recommence very soon.

Video Checker (New Feature)

Further to that, we've decided to add a YouTube Video Checker for your convenience. Why? Well, since many of you are reselling and/or aren't able to see if videos have ads enabled on them before adding those to the panel, this tool will come in handy.

All you need to do is click "Video Checker" right on the TOP bar. Add your URL and click "Analyze". That's it.

Here's an example:

Pretty simple stuff really. You get to check the following information about the video you want to add to a campaign:

Channel Author
Channel URL
Upload Date
Video Length
Privacy Status
YouTube Category
Is It Mobile Enabled
Are Views Enabled
Are Comments Enabled
Can It Be Embedded
Are Subscribers Enabled
Are Links Enabled
Existing Views
Existing Likes
Existing Dislikes
Existing Comments
Existing Favourites
Existing Subscribers
Pre-Roll Ads Enabled
Adsense Enabled
Age Restricted
Duration No Longer Than 65min

That's quite a unique list of features not found anywhere else or by any other supplier. Something unique to CSA. AGAIN.

With that being said, please check videos before adding them to campaigns to ensure there are no issues or delays.


I would like to end off by explaining the whole Adsense debacle. I know that many people are questioning why it needs to be disabled, and it's quite simple really.

Our views are the only views of its type in the industry. We deliver Absolute High Retention views to videos of up to 1 hour. They are WatchPage views and do not require videos to be embedded like 90% of the suppliers out there.

90% of the suppliers are only able to offer views with a retention of up to 2min. While that's great for short videos, the methods used aren't really the safest methods. Especially with YouTube becoming stricter than ever.

We require ads and Adsense to be disabled for no other reason than safety. We are not in the business of getting channels or videos removed, and as such we do everything in our power to maintain a system and service that you truly WANT to come back to.

This is not up for debate and applies to all clients. Big and small across the board. Safety & Quality has and always will be our #1 priority.


Should you enable ads after a campaign has started and get lower retention than expected or your channel gets banned, the onus and risk falls entirely on you. There is a reason we ask for ads to be disabled during the ENTIRE campaign.


Order Portal:

New Features

  • Video Checker


  • Adsense Explanation


  • Server Maintenance Carried Out

Claim Social Authority March 14th, 2017

Update: YouTube Maintenance Completed!

Quick note to let you know that the YouTube Maintenance done has been completed and everything is back to normal.


Claim Social Authority March 13th, 2017

Update: YouTube Maintenance Underway

We are doing some maintenance on Youtube Services due to a recent YouTube update. Please don't worry, we will take care of your orders.

At this stage we are unsure as to how long it will take to get the views live again, however, we are working on this nonstop and as always, will beat this. We'd rather pause this service than take on new orders knowing there are issues.

Apologies for any delays.

Claim Social Authority January 11th, 2017

Update: Updating DNS Records & Adding 256-bit SSL Security!

Please note that there might be intermittent outages while we update our site.

Updates will include DNS Records as well as 256-bit SSL Certificate for added security.

Thank you for your patience in this regard.


  • DNS Records being updated

  • 256-bit SSL Certificate being installed