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Claim Social Authority March 20th, 2018

Update: REAL World-Wide Spotify Followers

Got something good for you today.

REAL World-Wide Spotify Followers

According to Spotify, followers are the best way for your music to be promoted on their platform. (

Spotify states that your followers will receive your new release in their "Release Radar playlist, featured inside their Spotify app, and in their personalized new release email." This service allows you to take advantage of these features since you will be receiving real, new followers.

These followers are real people who have their own listening habits and playlists. In addition, the followers will come from all over the world. Countries that are included are:

US, UK, FR, DE, CA, MX, NO, SE, ES and more!

Please familiarise yourself with the Terms before purchasing Spotify Plays.

Some Features:

  • 100% REAL people- Guaranteed
  • According to Spotify, these followers will see your new release in their Release Radar, featured in their Spotify app, and featured in their new release email.
  • Confidential and Anonymous
  • Speed: Orders will be processed on Saturday and Sunday of each week at a speed of 1K followers/day.
  • Minimum 200 Followers
  • Maximum 5,000 Followers

Please Note: Orders must be placed in 100s. For example, 200, 300, 400, 1000, 1200,etc. If your order quantity is not in hundreds, then it will be rounded down to the nearest hundred.


Snazzy Panel:

Claim Social Authority June 19th, 2017

New Feature: GEO Targeted Premium Spotify Plays Available

Alrighty, so while we have been and still are wrestling with this YouTube Monster, we thought it good to use the opportunity to expand on our Spotify offers.

Spotify's popularity has shot up tremendously, partly due to the competition either not being able to process orders, or they simply have not been able to offer what you need.

No more we say! No more!

Spotify is huge. Simply massive and apart from them being pretty much the market leaders when it comes online music streaming, more and more artists, labels and agencies gravitate towards using this amazing platform.

That being said, there are pretty much 3 types of Spotify plays you can get. Only 1 of which is offered by the competition.

This is where we come waltzing in.

"What other 2 options are there CSA Dude?", your telepathic thoughts echo over the interwebs.

We are now able to offer YOU:

GEO Targeted Premium Spotify Plays

Yup, you read that right. We now offer you 100% GEO Premium Spotify Plays. You know, the ones that pay more royalties and so on!

But wait, there's more. If you phone today, we will ALSO offer you GEO Targeted Premium Spotify PLAYLIST Plays!

Incredible, I'd say!

So let me give you all the deets below.

Visibility & Engagement

97% of artists on Spotify are passed over and ignored simply because their songs have very few plays and no monthly followers. Buying Spotify Plays gives listeners the impression that your music is worth checking out and should not be ignored!

Gain Followers

There is no wonder why all the top artist out there focus a lot of attention on getting people to stream their music on platforms like Spotify. Most independent artists struggle to gain traction on a major platform like Spotify so by adding Spotify Plays it will allow you to potentially attract new listeners to your music who will hopefully start following you and become fans.

Increase Song Popularity

One of the greatest factors that determine popularity and how tracks are ranked on Spotify are the total number of plays and recent frequency of plays. When you buy GEO Targeted Premium Spotify Plays, you are directly increasing the popularity of your music.

Exactly What You Need

Build your own custom GEO Targeted Spotify campaigns that provide exactly what you need! Choose the number of plays to be added, pick the tracks to play, and select the delivery rate. Spend more time creating and producing your music and less time promoting as your music increases in popularity with plays.

Quality Guaranteed

All royalty eligible plays are provided by unique listeners that are completely indistinguishable from anyone on Spotify. All packages are safe and guaranteed to remain permanently.

Earn More

Not only do our Spotify Plays increase your popularity, but these royalty eligible plays can put money in your pocket as well. The more plays you have is the more money you could make.

*Disclaimer Time!!: Stats above are based on historical rates. Rates may change. Don't shoot the messenger!

Complete GEO-Targeting Capability

We can target Premium Spotify Plays from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and more! This is unheard of in the market.

100% Premium Account Plays (Optional)

Simply put, on average more royalties gets paid out than free Spotify account plays.

Stealth Plays Technology (Only as part of Premium Plays)

With our proprietary Premium Spotify Plays, there will be no Boardman or Ashburn cities displaying on your Spotify Artist About Page.

Playlist Plays

Since there are a tonne of playlists on Spotify, we have identified the need for a service to facilitate plays to these playlists. In short, we can get plays to your Playlists.

That's a damn mouthful. And it's so damn late so who knows what grammatical inaccuracies I have made.


Good night!


Order Portal:

New Features

  • 100% Premium Account Plays - Guaranteed

  • Complete GEO-Targeting Capability

  • Quality Guaranteed

  • Eligible for Royalties

  • Stealth Plays Technology

  • Increase Popularity

  • Steady stream of Plays

  • Confidential & Anonymous