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Claim Social Authority March 20th, 2018

Update: REAL World-Wide Spotify Followers

Got something good for you today.

REAL World-Wide Spotify Followers

According to Spotify, followers are the best way for your music to be promoted on their platform. (

Spotify states that your followers will receive your new release in their "Release Radar playlist, featured inside their Spotify app, and in their personalized new release email." This service allows you to take advantage of these features since you will be receiving real, new followers.

These followers are real people who have their own listening habits and playlists. In addition, the followers will come from all over the world. Countries that are included are:

US, UK, FR, DE, CA, MX, NO, SE, ES and more!

Please familiarise yourself with the Terms before purchasing Spotify Plays.

Some Features:

  • 100% REAL people- Guaranteed
  • According to Spotify, these followers will see your new release in their Release Radar, featured in their Spotify app, and featured in their new release email.
  • Confidential and Anonymous
  • Speed: Orders will be processed on Saturday and Sunday of each week at a speed of 1K followers/day.
  • Minimum 200 Followers
  • Maximum 5,000 Followers

Please Note: Orders must be placed in 100s. For example, 200, 300, 400, 1000, 1200,etc. If your order quantity is not in hundreds, then it will be rounded down to the nearest hundred.


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