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Claim Social Authority February 12th, 2018

Update: Absolute Desktop SUPER High Retention (60%+) YouTube Views (MONETIZABLE) - AVAILABLE

So, it's been a while since we've last "connected".

Based off of the crazy amounts of feedback and daily emails received, you've seemed to have missed us just as much as we've missed being able to provide you with the BEST YouTube services. Yet again.

Now, let me make something very clear right from the word go. What we're offering to you, our valued friend is NOT available anywhere else.

Trust me when I tell you, I have scoured the web trying to find anything that comes close to what we have for you. Not a single other supplier was found. Go on, go look if you can find them.

But, I digress.

This is not an "I am better than Ezra" moment, just needed to clear that up.

That being said, let's get to the nitty-gritty details.

Before I do so, you have to promise me that you will keep this a secret. OK? Cool... let's rock and roll!

What we've brought back, changes the game again. It seems that most other so-called suppliers are only able to deliver, albeit real views, up to around 30 - 60 second retention.

Now, while that's all good and dandy for some, it's February 2018, and it just won't cut it anymore.

Introducing... dum dum dummmmmm.

Absolute Desktop SUPER High Retention (60%+) YouTube Views (MONETIZABLE)

Simply put, and without boring you to death with the details, this means that:

1. You create a video up to 1 hour long.
2. You upload that video to YouTube.
3. You create a campaign in our snazzy Panel.
4. You sit back, keep an eye on your real-time analytics.
5. Finally, after YouTube updates your analytics, you smile as you just received 60%+ Absolute Retention on your fantastic video (which should also be ranking pretty darn well).

Easy stuff really.

I'll end of here for now and add a little more below for those of you out there (like me) who like the technical stuff...


Snazzy Panel:

PS: Please make sure you read the description before just jumping it. It will save yourself as well as us a ton of headaches.

The Technical Stuff:

Videos up to 1 hour
100% Real Human YouTube Views
100% Real & Unique cookies (IPs)
Views Delivered ASAP
SEO Ranking Benefits
WatchPage Views
Desktop Views
Windows Operating System Views
Up to 50,000 views per day (depending on size of order)
Super High Retention (60%+)
World-Wide Views
Minimum 1,000 views
Maximum 250,000 views
Views Drop guarantee
Confidential & Anonymous
Vevo Safe
Instant Start Available
Possibility of Engagement

Analytics: (Nobody does this) *Example Campaign. Results may vary.

Average Watch-Time / Absolute Retention


Traffic Sources


Relative Retention


Playback Locations


Hope this brought a smile to your face on this Monday, 12 February 2018.



Snazzy Panel:

Hey there!

I'll be quick with this one...

This is especially for those of you who need ads enabled on their videos.

We are introducing the same high-quality Absolute Retention Views, but with a slight enhancement.

Yup, now you can keep your ads enabled on these bad boys.

Developers are just making final changes and it should be available in the panel within, say 2 - 4 hours from now. Fingers crossed.

Do take note though, and this is SUPER important.

Should you wish to go down this rabbit hole, you need to know that you are doing so at your own risk.

If anything (and we're not saying it would), should go wrong, the onus falls on you. We will not take responsibility for any bans or removals of videos and/or channels. No refunds in such cases either.

This may sound harsh, however, we've been pressured by way too many people to get this up and running and with us knowing the risks involved (now you do too), we've decided to make this available.

Everything else remains the same, just with a 10c per 1000 price increase.

Some Stuff:

  • 100% Real Human YouTube Views
  • 100% Real & Unique cookies (IPs)
  • Views spread out evenly (No Spikes)
  • SEO Ranking Benefits
  • WatchPage Referrer (Twitter)
  • Desktop Views
  • Windows Operating System Views
  • Up to 50,000 - 100,000 views per day (depending on order size)
  • Random absolute retention to make things more natural (vids cannot be longer than 15min)
  • World-Wide Views
  • Minimum 3,000 views
  • Maximum 1,000,000 views
  • Views Drop guarantee
  • Confidential & Anonymous
  • Vevo Safe
  • Instant Start Available
  • Possibility of Engagement
  • Ads can be enabled

Analytics: (Nobody does this)

Average Watch-Time / Absolute Retention

Traffic Sources

Relative Retention

Playback Locations

Have fun and be careful.



Order Portal:

Claim Social Authority October 20th, 2017

Update: 4 IMPORTANT YouTube Ranking Factors & Custom YouTube Speeds Available

Well hey!

It's been way too long, and so I felt I had to make it up by providing two amazing things for you today. My title kinda gives any chance of a surprise away, however that doesn't mean there won't be some gold in today's release.

Custom YouTube Speeds Available

Yup, that's right. You are now able to choose at what speeds you would like views to be sent to your videos. We've been inundated with people asking for drip-feed views so that they can get local businesses interested as well as people asking for weird ass numbers like 53,456 views per day.

You're now able to choose between 500 views per day up to 100,000 views per day. Pretty simple and straightforward really.

As for my YouTube Ranking Factors Tip / Explanation... Grab a coffee, sit back and take it all in. This is the start of more to come.

You’ll need a basic understanding of how YouTube’s algorithm works. The most important thing to understand
about YouTube SEO is this:

YouTube wants to show their users the BEST video at any given moment.

Google wants to show their users the best result. YouTube wants to show their users the best result.

But there’s one BIG difference between Google and YouTube:

How they evaluate content.

Google largely uses backlinks to determine the quality of a piece of content. The more backlinks a page has pointing to it, in general, the better it will rank.

YouTube is totally different.

Instead of backlinks, YouTube measures how people interact with your video.

Let’s take a look at each of YouTube’s 4 most influential ranking factors.

Audience Retention

Audience retention is simple:

It’s the percentage of your video that people watch. Obviously, the higher your audience retention, the better. YouTube LOVES this metric because it gives them an accurate indicator of video quality.

After all, people don’t tend to watch 90%+ of a crappy video. It’s also a metric that’s difficult to game these days, but we're getting closer and closer. More on that in subsequent emails.

Total Watch Time

This is YouTube’s #1 most important ranking signal. “We value watch time.” Kinda old news, but still very relevant.

Total Watch Time is the total amount of time people have spent watching your video over its lifetime.


This video has racked up 571,712 minutes of Total Watch Time since I first published it.

The higher this number, the better.

Why is this ranking factor so important to YouTube?

Like with audience retention, this metric is hard to game. That's where we come in. With more and more improvements to our systems, we'll once again be able to do long videos with higher retention and watch times.

Total Watch Time is an even BETTER indicator of video quality than audience retention. This metric measures the actual amount of time that people spend watching your video.

Consider this example:

You load a 15 second video. Your video is watched for 11 seconds. Your Audience Retention is an amazing 73%! But your Total Watch Time will be extremely low because the average viewer only watches for 11 seconds before clicking away.

Videos with high Total Watch Time benefit YouTube. The more time someone spends on YouTube, the more money they make (from advertising). So it makes sense that they would promote videos that keep people on YouTube.

When you create a video that keeps people watching, you give YouTube what it wants. In exchange, they’ll promote your videos without you needing to do anything.

Engagement Signals

They want to see that people actively engage with your video. Specifically, they measure how many people:

Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share and Add your videos to a Playlist.

The more of these signals YouTube sees, the more they know that your video is keeping their users engaged on the platform.

Keyword Optimization

For YouTube to show your video to people, it needs to understand what your video is all about. I’m talking about video things like video titles, descriptions and tags. Unfortunately, most people optimize their videos the wrong way.

I messed this up when I first started with YouTube SEO.

The second part of this release will be done in the coming week. See this as a bit of a "carrot in front of the donkey".

Part 2... Coming Soon!


Order Portal:

Update: Desktop Absolute Normal Retention YouTube Views & Cheap Reshares!

Right, so we are finally making some headway.

While other suppliers fall back on shoddy Safari App views from but one country, we stopped. We just cannot keep selling when we know it's not going to be good quality.

Heck, to be honest, we believe they don't even use real traffic or unique cookies. Why risk your accounts by buying these cheap and nasties? I sure as sh*t won't!

That being said, we have some good news. Just some.

While we are still working on our Absolute HIGH Retention views, we can give you the same views, but with a lower retention.

There is a caveat though. These views are lower retention, and they aren't that cheap.

But hey, what do you expect when you get the ONLY Desktop views available anywhere along with 100% real traffic and nothing but unique IPs / Cookies?

I would take lower retention backed with nothing but quality over higher retention (which isn't available anyway) supported by fake traffic and no unique IPs, any day of the week!

As if that isn't enough, we'll go that one step further (as we do) and show you our realtime stats.

Device Types

Operating System

As for the shares...

We have gone and dropped the pricing significantly. Will be adding more on that in the coming days.

PS: Please let us know if you need older orders refunded. These new Desktop views will not replace older views or refill incomplete orders.

It's from completely different methods and servers.

That's it for today.

I just want to thank you for your patience during this trying period. We are ever so grateful and will let you know as soon as we are back with more GOOD NEWS!


Order Portal:

* Disclaimer: While we do our best to deliver what we promise, there may be delays due to unforeseen YouTube Updates that we have to deal with. These could include, but is not limited to slow delivery and the occasional traffic spikes. Please take note of this when ordering.

We in no way guarantee ANY rankings with these views. Results vary depending on Niches, Competitiveness, Video Optimization and YouTube Algorithms.

New Features

  • 100% Real Traffic - Guaranteed

  • 100% Real & Unique cookies (IPs)

  • Views spread out evenly (No Spikes)

  • Social Referrer (Twitter)

  • Desktop Views (only available from us)

  • Windows Operating System Views

  • Up to 100,000 views per day (depending on order size)

  • Normal Retention (40 seconds)

  • World-Wide Views

  • Minimum 1,000 views

  • Maximum 100,000 views

  • Views Drop guarantee

  • Confidential & Anonymous

  • Instant Start Available

  • No VEVO (At this time)

Update: QUICK YOUTUBE UPDATE: This is The Situation So Far...

So my sharp wit will have to take a backseat to this email as we're dealing with serious, SERIOUS stuff right here.

"What's going on CSA dudes?" you may ask.

I wish I could fill this email with smooches and everything nice, but unfortunately, we are still working on getting the views you've come to love back.

As you may or may not know, it takes time to test with YouTube. We have to wait for analytics to update and that can take up to 3 days.

Only to find it didn't work. Forcing us to start over.

Sure some other people have views on tap, however. This is an important caveat.

The quality is, well... meh!

We'd rather stop, make sure it's top class, before opening our doors again.

I can say however that we are getting closer. We have purchased a new server and also done a hell of a lot of other things to prevent people from basically stealing our stuff.

See, unfortunately in this industry, when you deliver quality, people will go out of their way to try and hack into it.

They end up finding it and then, not knowing what they do, end up abusing it.

As per Voltaire (or Spiderman)... With great knowledge, comes great responsibility or something like that.

That being said, this time round, it won't be so easy to steal and get our stuff patched, you silly hacker man.

Will keep you updated as to what is happening.

And do let us know if you need that refund. We're happy to oblige.

Stay safe.


So the YouTubes have shoved a stick up everyone's asses again. Sigh.

Just when we thought we brought this monster to its knees, it looked back up at us, smiled a sly little smile and brought down the motherf....g HOUSE on us again!

Why The YouTubes... WHY?

Anyway, the point is, we are back to the grindstone to see how we can defeat the enemy YET AGAIN!

This back and forth dance is getting too much, but I digress.

Oh, if you're name is LaDre... YOU SUCK! HARD!

That's me for today. Just had to update you guys as to what is going on.

Don't stress. We are working on getting things back ASAP. You know, coz that's what we do.

I just have to say though, that if there are any orders you need refunding during this Mortal Kombat, drop us a ticket and we'll sort you out.

May the force be with us on this one.

Oh and YOUTUBE...

SHIT... wrong one!


Order Portal:


  • YouTube Update going on. Working on a fix.

Update: Latest YouTube Update - PLEASE TAKE NOTE!

There has been a new YouTube Update and as such views are updating slower than normal.

Views send, they just take longer to update on the front.

We are aware of this and are attending to it.

Will let you know as soon as things have been fixed.

Claim Social Authority April 10th, 2017

Update: LATAM GEO Absolute Retention YouTube Views Package

Courtesy of Easter both this week and the next are four-day workweeks. Well, for us here in South Africa anyway.

Pfft, but who works anyway, right... Right?

And while we love to think that you can't get enough of our golden snippets delivered to your mailbox every so often, we know that on weekends and public holidays you don't spend as much time online as you normally would.

With that bit of useless info out of the way, we have another little special thing for you on this beautiful sunny (from where I'm sitting anyway) Monday.

Recently we got contacted by a few different people asking about Latin American Countries. Since we already created the HIGHLY power and TREMENDOUSLY popular Tier 1 package, we thought it right to go ahead and create a Latin American Package.

Another first from Claim Social Authority. Yay Us. Whooo! A shameless toot of our own horn. Naughty.

Without further ado and in the words of Bruce Buffer (please don't sue us)... IT'S TIME!

We shall call it... LATAM! Like Zlatan, but not!

Erm, or just Latin American for those who aren't inclined to or even like the use of acronyms. Sorry.

This package is the ONLY package of its kind available ANYWHERE on the web. We have combined the LATAM (Latin American, remember) Countries into one incredible package.

Views will be coming from all the Latin American Countries and will be listed below. Again, nobody else does this, and if they do, they resell from us. Fact!

I think that's all Jerry. Oh, no wait. There's one more thing. We will be releasing an EU Package like this later this week as well. Keep an eye out for that one.

Have a squizz at the package, the list of features and the countries. Give it a try, have a coke and a smile.

Peace to you and remember. Live and let Live. It's the only true path to happiness. Unless you win the Lotto.

Just Sayin'.


Order Portal:

New Features

  • 100% Real Traffic - Guaranteed

  • 100% Real & Unique cookies (IPs)

  • Views spread out evenly (No Spikes)

  • SEO Ranking Benefits

  • Choice of Referrer

  • Multiple Devices (highly diversified)

  • Multiple Operating Systems

  • Very high random absolute retention to make things more natural (75 - 90% + for up to 1 hour)

  • Minimum 1,000 views

  • Maximum 100,000 views

  • Views Drop guarantee

  • Confidential & Anonymous

  • Vevo Safe

  • Around 3,000 - 5,000 combined views per day (will increase soon)

  • Re-ordering Feature

  • Advanced Analytics on YouTube Orders

  • List of countries:

Claim Social Authority March 22nd, 2017

Update: Latest YouTube Update - What To Expect (IMPORTANT)

Now as you may or may not know, YouTube has been at it again with their updates.

This has caused not only us but our wonderful clients quite a bit of a headache to be honest.

Here's what to expect...

Since the last update, views have been delayed. Not by 1 or 2 hours... oh no siree. By up to 30 hours.

What this means is that you could purchase a campaign of 10,000 views and only have them fully displayed on your video after around 30 hours. Which is a pain in the derriere to be honest.

What we have done to counter this to some degree is to show you the number of views sent per order. This way you are able to see what was sent and basically leave the rest up to YouTube.

Unfortunately, this is entirely out of our control, but in saying that, we are looking into the matter to see if anything can be done from our side.

Rest assured though that everything is back to normal with regards to views being sent, it's just a matter of waiting on YouTube to see it all publicly.

Hope this puts your mind at ease and that you understand a little better as to what is going on.


Order Portal:


  • YouTube Views Updating Slow!

Claim Social Authority March 16th, 2017

Update: YouTube Realtime Views Counter!

We all hate having to answer the same questions, at the same time, every single day. Let's be honest with ourselves for a second. It's a ball ache.

This might be down to either utter laziness or pure genius, but we've taken one of the most queried about topics and added it as an epic little function in our panel.

Before we get to the feature, it's linked to the previously released "Re-order" functionality as well, which we'll get to.

This is epic if we do say so ourselves.

We have gone and added a counter that shows you in almost realtime (every 10 min to be exact), the amount of YouTube views sent to your YouTube views order.

Why is this important you may ask? Well, simply put, YouTube does not update its YouTube views counter in real time. So what ends up happening to clients who do not have access to Realtime Views in YouTube for whatever reason, is that they had no way of knowing exactly how many YouTube views have been sent. Only after our dear friend, YouTube updates the front counters, would they see that the YouTube views have been delivered.

No more my friends, no more!

This nifty little feature now shows you exactly the amount of views sent. Here's an example:

Order A Placed: 1,000 views
Start count: 131,551 views
Current count: 131,956 views (not fully updated on front yet)
Views Sent: 1,369 views
Expected count: 132,551 views

As you can see, the YouTube views sent shows you exactly how many YouTube views were sent, putting your mind at ease, while you wait for the Current count to fully update. Thank you YouTube.

Here's an image (coz who likes reading our bullshit, right?):


"Aaah, but I see there are 2 orders with the same URL, both of which are Accepted. I thought you didn't accept duplicate orders, dudes at CSA??"

Well spotted son and this leads us onto the other epicness called "Re-order".

You now have the ability to "Re-order" the same URL once the views sent matches the quantity you paid for.

To put things into perspective:

Order B Placed: 1,000 views
Start count: 132,551 views Order A Expected count
Current count: 132,014 views (not fully updated on front yet)
Views Sent: 36 views
Expected count: 133,551 views

Dangit, that was quite technical. But once, you start seeing it in practice, it will all fall into place.

We know you will love this. Especially the combo of these 2 features.

Lastly, the "Re-order" only becomes available should the views sent count match the quantity bought.

Neat little trick. Use the "Re-order" function as soon as your order receives the correct amount of views sent in order to keep the views flowing without any breaks.

YouTube will love you Long Time!

Ciao :)

New Features

  • YouTube Live Views Counter

  • Ability to Re-Order Previous Orders!

Claim Social Authority March 14th, 2017

Update: YouTube Maintenance Completed!

Quick note to let you know that the YouTube Maintenance done has been completed and everything is back to normal.


Claim Social Authority March 13th, 2017

Update: YouTube Maintenance Underway

We are doing some maintenance on Youtube Services due to a recent YouTube update. Please don't worry, we will take care of your orders.

At this stage we are unsure as to how long it will take to get the views live again, however, we are working on this nonstop and as always, will beat this. We'd rather pause this service than take on new orders knowing there are issues.

Apologies for any delays.

Claim Social Authority March 10th, 2017

Update: New GEOs Added - South Africa & Netherlands

After numerous requests, we've gone and added two more GEOs to our ever expanding list of Countries.

South Africa & Netherlands

You'll find these under YouTube Packages -> Geo Targetted.

Have fun kids!


Order Portal:


  • South African Views Added

  • Dutch (Netherlands) Views Added

Claim Social Authority December 22nd, 2016

New Feature: Get that sought after YouTube Top Comment you've always craved!

$7 per 100 YouTube Comment Likes

Trying to get that sought after Top Comment? Not much more to say other than, this is the one for you. Oh, just click the time next to the comment poster's name to get the comment link. Simple.

Features listed below.

Place your orders here:

Please note: Due to our proprietary methods used, these likes do take time. Further to that, it makes the whole process just look that much more natural. Orders can take up to 24 hours or more to complete.

* Price listed above differs from Reseller rate.

New Features

  • 100% Safe – No risk of suspension

  • Real Comment Likes

  • Highest Quality Guaranteed

  • No password needed

  • Minimum 10

  • Maximum 100

  • Great for getting Top Comments

We've released a new feature that allows you to analyze your video's growth during and after your campaign with CSA. Put simpley, this will show you exactly by what percentage (%) your campaigns have grown.

A great feature maybe for those who need to report back to clients? Just saying...

Here's a screenshot (*We're just Gordon Ramsey fans. This video is purely for demonstration purposes)


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Click "Orders".

2. Locate your order by either scrolling through the list or by using the search box.

3. Click "Details".

4. Click "Show More Details"

5. To update the stats, click "Re Analyze".

6. Done.

PS: The statistics stop updating when the order finishes.


Order page:

New Features

  • Campaign Growth Tracker