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Update: YouTube Comment Likes Re-Introduced

This will be quick.

We've re-added the YouTube Comment Likes as many of you have been up in arms about the fact that it was removed.

For those of you out there who don't know the significance of this, here's how it works:

You get comments on videos, but those comments are horrible, so they are displayed first. Gosh darn, what do you do now?


You create a fantastic comment about how awesome your video is and send likes to that comment just like you would send to a video.

Boom, your comment jumps to the top as the most popular one leaving the negative nancies in the dust.

The winner takes it all! (Thanks ABBA).

A picture maybe?

To end off, we're getting some excellent results from our HR tests, and it shan't be long now.

Oh and if you're unsubscribed from this list before and are getting this email. Sorry. We are using a brand spanking new system now that handles these kinds of things better.



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New Features

  • YouTube Comment Likes Re-Introduced

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Update: Pissing Contest With Scammer -

This is the last time I am entertaining the Yellow Submarine from

Link to previous email:

He claims no proof... PAH!! This is what proof looks like.

You know me. I don't sugarcoat things. I don't bullshit. I am honest, and I am transparent. I have nothing to prove or gain from this or any of my other naming and shaming emails other than to make sure my clients know who they can and cannot trust.

At the end of the day, you can buy from whoever you want. I'm cool with that, but I will always speak the truth. I will always call the bullshitters out, and I will always stand my ground when it comes to my clients.

Did I call him a c*nt? Absolutely.

Is he a c*nt? Without a doubt.

Does he have a moral compass or a backbone? Hell no.

Is he a shitty dresser and looks like a Yellow Submarine? Can I get an Amen!

Is he a hacker? Oh yes!

Does he have a brain? A small one!

Is he a virgin? His fashion sense should give you the answer.

Is he on the way to getting a heart attack from being overweight? Probably. (who will handle your orders then?)

The point is this... he stole YOUR data. Whether he bought it from someone else or stole it himself (he is, in fact, a penetration tester)... not that anyone would want to be penetrated by him, but I digress.

He does not and never had permission to own or store your data. I have. Did he have permission to steal your data? Let that sink in.

No matter how well you secure something, there will always be dickheads like this who will find ways to cheat. It's how this sad world operates.

Goes to show how uncouth and untrustworthy this tub of lard is.

Trust him with your orders? I wouldn't.

Look, at the end of the day, you're not stupid (unless you look like a yellow submarine and hail from Sweden). You know who to believe and what do to about it.

I have your best interest at heart. Always.

Can't say the same for others.

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Ok so this idiot called me out on skype now for doing this. Goes to show that Karma is a bitch.

Oh and he claims to be able to do Trending... DO NOT FALL FOR IT! He tries to resell it for $6500 when he doesn't even know if it works himself. He's not very bright it seems.

I mean look at his jacket!

Well folks, there you have it... Scumbag!

SKYPE: lankox


Dammit. I thought my day was fine after my last email, but alas.

It's like the world chose me to be scammed or stolen from only to report back to and warn the world of these bloody people.

Anyway, you probably have all received the following email:


"Dear Sirs,

Kindly note, that I am providing likes, followers, subscribers and views for all of the major social media platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter)

To most people, your number on Social Media Platforms signifies your trustworthiness and thus provides a good first impression to potential clients and first time visitors of your page. The more followers/likes/views, the better. People tend to listen or buy from those who already have established a good online reputation. According to a recent study on social ecommerce, it is said that 80% of Americans based their brand selections on popularity and reviews.

Please check price list by visiting this link: . Also note that I am willing to provide a free sample.

Best Regards,"


Erm... yeah well this idiot (details will be shared below) goes around and steals people's databases.

He then uses that to promote his own services that he resells. They are horrible by the way and have been known to get accounts banned, Adsense accounts closed, Twitter accounst have been shut down due to this dickhead and don't let me start on his Facebook and Instagram services. I wouldn't go near it if I were you.

That and the fact that he is a Hacker who does penetration testing for a living should make you back the f*ck away!

Herewith all his details:

Paul El Maaouchi -

SKYPE: lankox

"Ethical Hacker" (yeah my ass)

Al Kafaat Technique Institue - Lebanon



Frimurarvaegen 22 skaerholmen 12760 SE (Sweden)

Yeah, if you haven't realised, he's the Yellow Submarine in the image above!

Don't say I didn't warn you.


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Update: Instant Start Per Request - IMPORTANT

Bloody hell. I typed a whole long ass email only to click "Back" without saving it. I sure as sh*t ain't typing it all again.

I'll opt for the nutshell version.

You probably read my email yesterday about the idiot scumbag from Vietnam who went on to scam us and pretty much spoiled it for the rest of you.

Well, we have implemented Stage 1 of our new security features to avoid dickheads like this.

Instant start will now be per user and will ONLY be activated on a case by case basis. If you need it, open a support ticket, send us a DNA sample, your birth certificate and a strand of your hair for us to make a Voodoo doll of you, just in case you try and take the piss out of us.

Now, this may not make sense to some of you, so let me paint a scenario for you.

Client signs up. Client deposits money. Client places orders. Orders finishes. Client opens Paypal dispute as "Item not received". You lose. You ban him.

Next day...

Client signs up with new accounts. Client deposits money. Client places orders. Orders finishes. Client opens Paypal dispute as "Item not received". You lose. You ban him.

The day after tomorrow...

Client signs up with new accounts. Client deposits money. Client places orders. Orders finishes. Client opens Paypal dispute as "Item not received". You lose. You ban him.

And so on... and so on!

What do you do? Just leave it and hope for the best or do you try and stop it?

Remember, this is a service you cannot take back. Once it's delivered, it's delivered.

Stage 1

Instant Start will only be activated on a case by case basis PER USER.

Stage 2

We will ban the channel completely, so no video from banned channels will be accepted.

Stage 3

Well, that will remain our little secret. Our little trump card.

That's pretty much it. If you need instant start, you know what to do.

If you're the scammer from Vietnam. F*ck you!



Order Portal:


  • Instant Start will be case by case and ONLY for certain users

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So there are some people that cannot behave themselves, that scam people and that have no regard for other people's business.

Therefore, I have decided to remove Instant Start until further notice.

Basically what is happening is that there is one f*cker who thinks it's funny to order views, then claim. Then open more accounts, orders more views and then claims again. Over and Over and Over.

Everytime we ban his account as well as Paypal, he just opens more from different IP addresses, etc. It's a losing battle and the only way we can stop it, is to remove instant start so that we can monitor what we get in.

Here are his email addresses:

Addresses used:

100 phan chu trinh
Hai chau
Da nang-530000

56/14 An duong vuong|
Hai Chau

Ngo Thuy Nham
Da nang
Da Nang city

Nguyen Dai
21 Phan Chu Trinh
Da Nang,
Da Nang City

He trades as the following people on Paypal:

Thap Hoang
Le Huyenh
Tran Le
Truong Hung
Nguyen Dai
Lam Y

Now, due to dickheads like this, we are forced to intervene and do whatever we can to prevent scamming.

Unfortunately, this has a ripple affect on everyone and I apologise for this. But at this moment in time, it's what we need to do.

Every order will now be monitored manually so as to prevent idiots like this one from continuing to scam us.

Have a good Sunday (or what's left of it)


Order Portal:

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Update: Cake On Our Mugs & A Sorry!

So this is embarrassing...

Look, it's never a nice thing when one day you proclaim that Gold has been found, only to find out that the "motherload" isn't, well, such a significant find.

My point is that we hit a bit of a snag again with this godforsaken YouTube views and had to stop the normal speed Real Desktop Views.

That said, it's not all doom and gloom.

The Fast, Super Fast and Ultra Fast options are still there for your guys. However, we will be re-opening the Desktop Embedded views from last week to handle the slower speeds.

A few things to take note of though:

Please use Fast, Super Fast or Ultra Fast in the following cases:

1. If you have a Vevo Video

2. If your videos are 1 hour or more in length

3. If your videos are NOT open to all countries

4. If your videos are NOT embeddable

There is one other caveat.

For the Desktop Embedded Views, due to the method used when delivering these views, we HIGHLY recommend that you have your Adsense switched off during the campaign.

We will not be held liable for any Adsense accounts being banned. You have been warned.

Two more things.

Yes, we are working to get HR going again. Some suppliers are claiming they have HR. It's nonsense.

Yes, we are working to get GEO back again.

That's it.

PS: Let me know if any refunds are outstanding so that we can get those sorted as well.



Order Portal:


  • Replace Normal Speed Real Desktop Views with Desktop Embedded Views of Old.

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New Feature: GEO, Fast, Super Fast, Ultra Fast 100% Real YouTube Views! BOOM!

Right, so we did it again.

Lead the way Ranger!

While we have not yet cracked High Retention, we have something equally as good or even better.

Now, I will not patronise you by assuming you do not know what is going on in the industry; however, I just have to make mention of what IS actually going on.

Some of you may be under the wrong impression, and I will tell you why in a minute.

So the other day, a very close friend of mine and well known Vlogger, Elle, asked me about trending as someone contacted her offering her top 5 for $6500.

Sweet baby Jesus.

Turned out, this dude contacted me a few days before asking me if my trending is back.

Long story short, he heard through the grapevine that Trending is back and so immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started "selling" the shit out if it without even testing it himself.

Needless to say, he didn't like me laying the truth on his ass. No homo.

The point is this:

1. High Retention is dead. For now.

2. Trending is dead. For now.

What isn't dead is the 100% real views we now have on tap.

This just means that real people will see your video and while you may not have the high retention that you hoped for, it's 100% real and sure as shit beats all the crap, botnet fake Safari App views that some people (you know who) do.

Let me ask you a question, my dear client.

Would you risk your videos and channels by buying 100% fake, botted, low-quality views with no retention in any case?


Would you rather buy the most legitimate, real views available ANYWHERE without risking any of your videos or channels?

To me, it's a no-brainer, but I'm waffling on here.

Simply put, these views are unmatched when in comes to quality & safety. No Botnet, Fake or Mobile Safari App Views nonsense.

Oh and the chances of these views dropping are virtually zero as they are on par with or better than YouTube Paid Ads.

Nothing fake about them.

Real-time Analytics: (Again, nobody has the balls to show this)


Operating System:

All the disclaimer schpiel will be on the panel. Won't bore you with that here.

Lastly, I would like to point out that because these are real dudes and dudettes seeing your videos, there are 2 things you need to take note of.

1. You might get hate. You might get love. It's all dependant on your video content.

2. Your retention can vary from video to video. Again, depends on your content.

It's late, and I'm gonna go enjoy what's left of my Friday night.



Order Portal:

New Features

  • 100% Real Views - Guaranteed

  • 100% Real & Unique cookies (IPs)

  • Views spread out evenly (No Spikes)

  • SEO Ranking Benefits

  • Google Referrer

  • Desktop Views (only available from us)

  • Windows Operating System Views

  • Organic Retention (40 seconds+ depending on whether people choose to watch your video or not)

  • World-Wide Views

  • Minimum 1,000 views

  • Maximum 10,000,000 views

  • Views Drop guarantee

  • Confidential & Anonymous

  • Vevo Safe

  • Any length of video

  • Instant Start Available

  • Organic engagement possible

  • Up to 500,000+ views per day (depending on the views type)

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Update: New Payment Processor & Good News Re YouTube :)

This will be a quick announcement as I need to shoot off to go do stuff.

In a nutshell, people have been hounding us to add more payment processors other than PayPal. The reason for that is well, our friend PayPal, isn't available everywhere.

We've tried and tested many processors, however since we are based in South Africa, we thought it would only make sense to support local.

This way we can literally go to their offices in cases of emergency, etc.

That being said, we've introduced PayFast.

They are pretty much the largest in South Africa, so your payments are handled by Pros.

Not only do they do regular Credit and Debit cards, but you are now able to use BitCoin as well to make payments.


There are two important things to take note of.

Since the transaction will be finalized in South African Rand, we do provide the USD equivalent as well as the realtime exchange rate used.

There is a max transaction limit of $350 per deposit right now. This is to try and keep those naughty fraudsters at bay.

That's pretty much it for today.

Hopefully this helps those clients out there who do not have access to PayPal.

Oh and before I forget...

YouTube GEO, Fast and Ultra Fast will be back in the next 24 hours if all goes to plan. They will be 100% real and will NEVER drop.

More on that in the follow up email.



Order Portal:

New Features

  • New Payment Processor Added.

Claim Social Authority June 19th, 2017

New Feature: GEO Targeted Premium Spotify Plays Available

Alrighty, so while we have been and still are wrestling with this YouTube Monster, we thought it good to use the opportunity to expand on our Spotify offers.

Spotify's popularity has shot up tremendously, partly due to the competition either not being able to process orders, or they simply have not been able to offer what you need.

No more we say! No more!

Spotify is huge. Simply massive and apart from them being pretty much the market leaders when it comes online music streaming, more and more artists, labels and agencies gravitate towards using this amazing platform.

That being said, there are pretty much 3 types of Spotify plays you can get. Only 1 of which is offered by the competition.

This is where we come waltzing in.

"What other 2 options are there CSA Dude?", your telepathic thoughts echo over the interwebs.

We are now able to offer YOU:

GEO Targeted Premium Spotify Plays

Yup, you read that right. We now offer you 100% GEO Premium Spotify Plays. You know, the ones that pay more royalties and so on!

But wait, there's more. If you phone today, we will ALSO offer you GEO Targeted Premium Spotify PLAYLIST Plays!

Incredible, I'd say!

So let me give you all the deets below.

Visibility & Engagement

97% of artists on Spotify are passed over and ignored simply because their songs have very few plays and no monthly followers. Buying Spotify Plays gives listeners the impression that your music is worth checking out and should not be ignored!

Gain Followers

There is no wonder why all the top artist out there focus a lot of attention on getting people to stream their music on platforms like Spotify. Most independent artists struggle to gain traction on a major platform like Spotify so by adding Spotify Plays it will allow you to potentially attract new listeners to your music who will hopefully start following you and become fans.

Increase Song Popularity

One of the greatest factors that determine popularity and how tracks are ranked on Spotify are the total number of plays and recent frequency of plays. When you buy GEO Targeted Premium Spotify Plays, you are directly increasing the popularity of your music.

Exactly What You Need

Build your own custom GEO Targeted Spotify campaigns that provide exactly what you need! Choose the number of plays to be added, pick the tracks to play, and select the delivery rate. Spend more time creating and producing your music and less time promoting as your music increases in popularity with plays.

Quality Guaranteed

All royalty eligible plays are provided by unique listeners that are completely indistinguishable from anyone on Spotify. All packages are safe and guaranteed to remain permanently.

Earn More

Not only do our Spotify Plays increase your popularity, but these royalty eligible plays can put money in your pocket as well. The more plays you have is the more money you could make.

*Disclaimer Time!!: Stats above are based on historical rates. Rates may change. Don't shoot the messenger!

Complete GEO-Targeting Capability

We can target Premium Spotify Plays from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and more! This is unheard of in the market.

100% Premium Account Plays (Optional)

Simply put, on average more royalties gets paid out than free Spotify account plays.

Stealth Plays Technology (Only as part of Premium Plays)

With our proprietary Premium Spotify Plays, there will be no Boardman or Ashburn cities displaying on your Spotify Artist About Page.

Playlist Plays

Since there are a tonne of playlists on Spotify, we have identified the need for a service to facilitate plays to these playlists. In short, we can get plays to your Playlists.

That's a damn mouthful. And it's so damn late so who knows what grammatical inaccuracies I have made.


Good night!


Order Portal:

New Features

  • 100% Premium Account Plays - Guaranteed

  • Complete GEO-Targeting Capability

  • Quality Guaranteed

  • Eligible for Royalties

  • Stealth Plays Technology

  • Increase Popularity

  • Steady stream of Plays

  • Confidential & Anonymous

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Update: Increasing Minimum to 5,000 Views - REASON INSIDE!

Right, so I thought it good to let you know as to why I have decided to increase the minimum order for Desktop Views to 5,000.

There has been a massive influx of orders and considering that we are producing 100% real and legitimate views, all the 1k orders are clogging up or servers and causing all the other orders to slow down.

Since we realise that you need faster views, we simply cannot have all these small orders taking up all the traffic, only to leave the big orders hanging. That being said, we need to do something to accommodate most of our clients.

As you may or may not realise, it simply is not possible to keep everyone happy, all of the time and as such, I have decided on a happy medium of 5,000 as a minimum.

This may only be temporary; however, nothing is set in stone and if anything changes, I will let you know.

Lastly, please ensure that your videos are NOT Vevo as our method doesn't work with Vevo videos at this time.

Also, do not add any videos over 1 hour long. We will reject it as again; this method has not been designed for such long videos.

All things considered, we are making progress on HR views and will keep you updated as soon as things are back.

Thanks for your ongoing support and patience.



Order Portal:


  • No Vevo

  • Vids must be less than 1 hour

  • Minimum increased to 5,000 views per order